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Twitter Reminder!! February 14, 2010

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Just a reminder that I have twitter too!

There’s the address to my profile – I won’t bite don’t worry 🙂

And now off to bed….

Bonne Nuit


Half Term February 13, 2010

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So at last it’s half term and I have hardly any homework yay!

I should have actually started half term because of snow but my college was the only one to stay open. Damn. Wasn’t happy.

Went out last night for the first time in ages. Actually made myself feel happy that I wasn’t wasting the time I had sitting in front of a computer and rather going out with my friends to town.

We watched avatar at the pictures – wow graphics – but I didn’t get home till 11. Nonetheless I hope to start going out more in the evenings, I mean I am 17 now!

Remember I am on twitter trying to get more followers now – slowly getting there 🙂


2 hits already – yay! January 17, 2010

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Yep it’s official – 2 hits already in a single day. It’s probably really really lame compared to other blogs but it brings a smile to my face.

For everyone visiting my webpage, I would really appreciate you to ‘spread the word’ so they say and tell everyone about me. I assure you I’m not being greedy and trying to get a lot of followers but I want to just get to know a lot of really cool people out there. THAT’S YOU!!!! 😛

Thank you everyone 😀 xx

P.s Remember Twitter too!


Hey Guys January 16, 2010

Like the name said – hey guys.


So to be honest this isn’t my first blog. I made one last year on blogger and it went completely weird and wrong and in the end I just decided to leave it. Silly me 😦 Nonetheless experience is still there….

So I suppose I better introduce my self, I’m Sean (NOT Shaun – hint!), but me and my friends just call me Seany because it’s cooler 🙂

I live in an average (by average I mean OMG why am I living here!!!) town called Hastings in East Sussex which is in England for everyone around the world.

I am 16 years old, ageing rapidly sadly 😛 and I live with my parents.

I also have a fish with no name. Why’s that? Long story – Do Not ask!

I go to college and study Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Psychology – yes ‘boring’ you’re probably thinking but I’m a boffin – accept it! 😛

Another thing that you will have to accept is that I am not straight – but neither am I completely gay. I am bi curious technically but venturing into bisexuality. Now that isn’t an excuse to keep all the ‘traditionalist’ people to keep reading, NOR is it a reflection of my indecision about my sexuality;

That we all know certainly is absolute rubbish. BISEXUALITY IS REAL.

For now that’s about it but if you wanna talk more about anything, (anything is the sense that I won’t feel as if I’m talking to a 6 year old), talk to me on the wonderful creation known as…


Back soon xx