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SummerTime July 23, 2010

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I must apologise for my largeĀ absence. Sometimes the things in life just throw you upside down and inside out.

Anyway onwards and upwards šŸ™‚

So as many of you now know it’s the summer time when students gather en masse to ditch the schoolbooks and uniforms for the beaches (weather permitting) Ā andĀ unsurprisinglyĀ for many older teenagers the alcohol and partying….

Both the trip to the beach and a night out can be a little bit of harmless fun if dealt in the right way, but it has been quite close to my attention that many recent media stories, along with my friends’ activities, Ā have namely put shame to and exploited the innocent gesture of a night out.

Has this become aware due to my age and increasing exposure and knowledge of getting drunk?


Is there an evil antisocial monster lurking that is trying toĀ demiseĀ the student’s ethical perception and parental reaction and relation of a night out?

Is this modern social disintegration and the student’s Ā confusion between theĀ hierarchyĀ of friends vs family driving us to making more wrong decisions or has this danger of overly drinking been apparent from generation to generation but has been sensationalised more recently by media outputs?

Till next time x