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Happy Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year! February 14, 2010

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Hey guys and girls,

So today is Valentines day, Sunday 14th February 2010, and like the marginal majority of us teens, it’s a day which we partially dread, but also makes us realise or highlight the fact that we’re still single and cannot take this opportunity to show our love to someone whom we haven’t got. Aww 😦

People who on the other hand do have someone to cherish really do sometimes rub it in that they get breakfast in bed and a huge lovely card to go with on facebook or twitter and although they’re not trying to, they sometimes accidently try to demoralise us singles.  Shame 😦

On a brighter note it’s also the start of the chinese new year so there is at least something out there that is for everyone today. And besides, there’s always next year and the year after…. 😉

Ciao x


Half Term February 13, 2010

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So at last it’s half term and I have hardly any homework yay!

I should have actually started half term because of snow but my college was the only one to stay open. Damn. Wasn’t happy.

Went out last night for the first time in ages. Actually made myself feel happy that I wasn’t wasting the time I had sitting in front of a computer and rather going out with my friends to town.

We watched avatar at the pictures – wow graphics – but I didn’t get home till 11. Nonetheless I hope to start going out more in the evenings, I mean I am 17 now!

Remember I am on twitter trying to get more followers now – slowly getting there 🙂


Ode to a broken computer…. February 7, 2010

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Eurgh – why do computers always have a habit of breaking at the most important times?!?!?!?

Thankfully it’s back now, obviously since I’m typing, but now at least it gives me a chance to write more on this blog, and with half term coming up in England I can now devote more of my lovely time with you lovely readers 🙂

Hope you are all doing great out there and have a good February so far. And if you’re not – I’m sorry, have a cyber hug *cuddle* 😛


Busy busy week January 25, 2010

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Hey guys.

Sorry about the delay again in posts – I’ve just been so busy or preoccupied recently with either A-levels or jobs to do. Frustrating that time just can’t go slower….

Have the week from hell. I have 2 really long days at college (almost 12 hours – wahhhh!!!) and as well as that i have three presentations to present…

…which I hate because I get so nervous speaking in front of people :S Thankfully one has been done already, so just 2 to go. Yay! Kinda…

Anyways getting my haircut now for the first time in like months 🙂 Going to make it into a style like in a magazine I saw then maybe dye it :O

See ya xx


Eek January 21, 2010

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You know something only just occurred to me today…

…what should be my main focus point of this blog?

I mean surely I must have a reason why I’ve created one but the thought didn’t enter my mind :O

What do you think? Comments welcome 🙂

See ya soon xx


Grrr January 19, 2010

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Grr is my overall outburst for today –  it’s just been one of those days where everything isn’t as it should be or how you usually have it 😦 . Annoyed.

Nonetheless the thrill of homework made me happier….

…mechanics and gravity – Joy 😛

So i would just like to fill you in for today, and with that yesterday. I apologise for my absence. Too much work decreases my chance to get on here. Oops, silly me 😛

Anyway i have to famoosh (or however you spell it :S) now.

Talk later sweeties xx


2 hits already – yay! January 17, 2010

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Yep it’s official – 2 hits already in a single day. It’s probably really really lame compared to other blogs but it brings a smile to my face.

For everyone visiting my webpage, I would really appreciate you to ‘spread the word’ so they say and tell everyone about me. I assure you I’m not being greedy and trying to get a lot of followers but I want to just get to know a lot of really cool people out there. THAT’S YOU!!!! 😛

Thank you everyone 😀 xx

P.s Remember Twitter too!