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Long time no see… December 5, 2010

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Bonsoir readers,

I have to continuously apologise for my absences.  Once you get in from college after a long day all you wanna do is go to bed. I feel so selfish because of it and it’s really insensitive to everyone who reads this wondering when I will ever return…

Still nice to see the hits are rolling along nicely….. Thanks. 😀

Anyway I have been travelling through the vortices of time that suddenly WAIT – *It’s almost Christmas!* No, WAIT again, that was my 5 year old consciousness talking…

Cue 17 year old teenage boy reaction. *Hmph*.

Yeh the novelty wears more that the soles on your shoes. (Bad Simile)

This is the endearing fact that although the traditions continue through your life, there’s always an optimum age wear Christmas is at it full WOWNESS. After that, oh dear oh dear oh dear. This doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but the transition from childhood to adulthood exposes you to the unknowns of Christmas –

the spending,

the shopping,

the endless queues,

and trying not to fall of the ladder when the decorations go up.

But hey, keep a smile on your face, you still get repeats on tv, the burnt turkey and the relatives you hate.

Signed Ebenezer


Oh by the way, I have a great twitter website.!/professorseany


100! March 14, 2010

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Yay I have hit my first milestone – 100 hits 🙂

Thank you for every single person out there who has visited my blog 🙂

Seany xxxx


Being who you are March 3, 2010

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Sorry for the delay of this post. Sometimes computers really do hate you.

So today’s topic is coming out of the closet and how much of a big deal  and façade it usually drags along with it.

Saying just those two words, either ‘I’m gay’ or ‘I’m bi’ may take just a few seconds to say but are remembered for the rest of your life. Is that a good or a bad thing?


Every teenager wanting to come out of the closet to their parents or guardians (like me!) knows it doesn’t take much to say who you are and if you probably ask them it’s not because they’re not sure if what they are is true, but what comes after it, and whether the reaction is either positive or negative.

What about me? Well I know for a fact that saying those words will be ideally a piece of cake and I would hope to think that what happens after will be generally accepted as who I am and what I believe. But a lot of us are scared that the worst case scenario will happen. Like being rejected or not accepted anymore. This may be the case in many religious backgrounds, but will the little gremlins that punish us everyday ever unearth and it this really an excuse to hide our true selves for the rest of our lives?

Coming out is not about ‘when’. It’s about ‘if’ for many of us. Ask yourself it is. You may think that it’s ‘not yet’ but in fact it is, and you don’t have the courage to take that important leap. Don’t keep it until it’s too late because you were pondering what everyone else thought. It’s hard to say but the only person who decides your life is you, take the chance.