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SummerTime July 23, 2010

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I must apologise for my large absence. Sometimes the things in life just throw you upside down and inside out.

Anyway onwards and upwards ūüôā

So as many of you now know it’s the summer time when students gather en masse to ditch the schoolbooks and uniforms for the beaches (weather permitting) ¬†and¬†unsurprisingly¬†for many older teenagers the alcohol and partying….

Both the trip to the beach and a night out can be a little bit of harmless fun if dealt in the right way, but it has been quite close to my attention that many recent media stories, along with my friends’ activities, ¬†have namely put shame to and exploited the innocent gesture of a night out.

Has this become aware due to my age and increasing exposure and knowledge of getting drunk?


Is there an evil antisocial monster lurking that is trying to¬†demise¬†the student’s ethical perception and parental reaction and relation of a night out?

Is this modern social disintegration and the student’s ¬†confusion between the¬†hierarchy¬†of friends vs family driving us to making more wrong decisions or has this danger of overly drinking been apparent from generation to generation but has been sensationalised more recently by media outputs?

Till next time x


Why can’t my school have a teacher like Sue Sylvester? February 16, 2010

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Ah, Sue Sylvester – ABSOLUTE LEGEND!

To many¬†you’re¬†probably saying to yourself

“Who the hell is Sue Sylvester???”

Well I’ll tell you – she’s not real, but rather a character in the hit TV series ‘Glee’, and is portrayed by Jane Lynch. Sylvester is the cheerleader squad coach and has a habit of speaking her mind about anything. ¬†She would barge her way into any situation just to make a meal out of it and make a person’s life misery if she doesn’t agree with their views. To put it simply, she’s evil, she wants her own way, and she doesn’t care to show it…

Now the problem is Sue Sylvester isn’t real, but if she was, I would pray that she’d work at my college. That persona of conviction,arrogance and determination would be perfect for an up and coming college like mine and show all those out of line students who’s boss.

In fact, why can’t every college have a Sue Sylvester! Our education system would benefit so much. The problem with today’s education is the increasing freedom students have to control the classroom and someone like her would honestly spit on it…

And that’s how Sue sees it ūüôā


Peer Pressure Torments? February 15, 2010

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Yeh, so peer pressure, something you would have probably heard over and over in Drama. I have anyway, and it’s something very common in our teenage minds. If your friend does it, you wanna do it too, just for popularity’s sake.

I wouldn’t say I’m that gullible, but there have been times recently where you feel you’re missing out on things that other people are doing, things you don’t¬†particularly¬†wanna do on the inside, but try to do on the outside just to look good.

I would admit I am more introvert than extrovert, and the thought of going out to parties on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t the most appealing thing to do. If it were up to me, and it¬†is¬†obviously, I would prefer to just stay in and watch tv – it’s more relaxing.

That’s one side to the argument, but how about the fact that if i don’t do any of this now, will I be ever be able to experience this again??? I’m 17 almost now and so far my teenage years have been average and rather lacking high paced excitement i.e. going out at night, but if I did change my ways, similar to my friends, would it help my self esteem? would it help my confidence in meeting other people?

Maybe in this sense, it really isn’t peer pressure that’s¬†leading¬†me to the partying side, but the realisation that I can’t always stay in every night¬†watching¬†tv if i wanna get on with my life or do something different, without that feeling of regret I may get when I’m forty that I never tried anything out that others did….


Twitter Reminder!! February 14, 2010

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Just a reminder that I have twitter too!

There’s the address to my profile – I won’t bite don’t worry ūüôā

And now off to bed….

Bonne Nuit


Half Term February 13, 2010

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So at last it’s half term and I have hardly any homework yay!

I should have actually started half term because of snow but my college was the only one to stay open. Damn. Wasn’t happy.

Went out last night for the first time in ages. Actually made myself feel happy that I wasn’t wasting the time I had sitting in front of a computer and rather going out with my friends to town.

We watched avatar at the pictures – wow graphics – but I didn’t get home till 11. Nonetheless I hope to start going out more in the evenings, I mean I¬†am 17 now!

Remember I am on twitter trying to get more followers now – slowly getting there ūüôā


Busy busy week January 25, 2010

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Hey guys.

Sorry about the delay again in posts – I’ve just been so busy or preoccupied recently with either A-levels or jobs to do. Frustrating that time just can’t go slower….

Have the week from hell. I have 2 really long days at college (almost 12 hours – wahhhh!!!) and as well as that i have three presentations to present…

…which I hate because I get so nervous speaking in front of people :S Thankfully one has been done already, so just 2 to go. Yay! Kinda…

Anyways getting my haircut now for the first time in like months ūüôā Going to make it into a style like in a magazine I saw then maybe dye it :O

See ya xx


Grrr January 19, 2010

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Grr is my overall outburst for today – ¬†it’s just been one of those days where everything isn’t as it should be or how you usually have it ūüė¶ . Annoyed.

Nonetheless the thrill of homework made me happier….

…mechanics and gravity – Joy ūüėõ

So i would just like to fill you in for today, and with that yesterday. I apologise for my absence. Too much work decreases my chance to get on here. Oops, silly me ūüėõ

Anyway i have to famoosh (or however you spell it :S) now.

Talk later sweeties xx