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Why can’t my school have a teacher like Sue Sylvester? February 16, 2010

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Ah, Sue Sylvester – ABSOLUTE LEGEND!

To many you’re probably saying to yourself

“Who the hell is Sue Sylvester???”

Well I’ll tell you – she’s not real, but rather a character in the hit TV series ‘Glee’, and is portrayed by Jane Lynch. Sylvester is the cheerleader squad coach and has a habit of speaking her mind about anything.  She would barge her way into any situation just to make a meal out of it and make a person’s life misery if she doesn’t agree with their views. To put it simply, she’s evil, she wants her own way, and she doesn’t care to show it…

Now the problem is Sue Sylvester isn’t real, but if she was, I would pray that she’d work at my college. That persona of conviction,arrogance and determination would be perfect for an up and coming college like mine and show all those out of line students who’s boss.

In fact, why can’t every college have a Sue Sylvester! Our education system would benefit so much. The problem with today’s education is the increasing freedom students have to control the classroom and someone like her would honestly spit on it…

And that’s how Sue sees it 🙂


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