Life is a riddle; unfortunately the answer's not written on the back of anything

Hey Guys January 16, 2010

Like the name said – hey guys.


So to be honest this isn’t my first blog. I made one last year on blogger and it went completely weird and wrong and in the end I just decided to leave it. Silly me 😦 Nonetheless experience is still there….

So I suppose I better introduce my self, I’m Sean (NOT Shaun – hint!), but me and my friends just call me Seany because it’s cooler 🙂

I live in an average (by average I mean OMG why am I living here!!!) town called Hastings in East Sussex which is in England for everyone around the world.

I am 16 years old, ageing rapidly sadly 😛 and I live with my parents.

I also have a fish with no name. Why’s that? Long story – Do Not ask!

I go to college and study Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Psychology – yes ‘boring’ you’re probably thinking but I’m a boffin – accept it! 😛

Another thing that you will have to accept is that I am not straight – but neither am I completely gay. I am bi curious technically but venturing into bisexuality. Now that isn’t an excuse to keep all the ‘traditionalist’ people to keep reading, NOR is it a reflection of my indecision about my sexuality;

That we all know certainly is absolute rubbish. BISEXUALITY IS REAL.

For now that’s about it but if you wanna talk more about anything, (anything is the sense that I won’t feel as if I’m talking to a 6 year old), talk to me on the wonderful creation known as…


Back soon xx


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